About us

Changes are good

At Jeger, we like change. Especially in interiors. We know that sometimes even the small ones have a big effect. They are natural, because we change, and with us our homes change. And a real home is a place where you just feel good. And it's not about the perfect interior like from Instagram, but a space that fits you.

Any style is good if it's your own

Interiors are subject to fads, and styles and trends are constantly changing. But the real challenge is in the plethora of proposals to choose something for yourself. And to make it something more your own. That is why at Jeger we are inspired by different styles, but we are not afraid to combine them with our own ideas. We do not blindly follow trends, because we know that the interior must fit us. Someone may say „this is in bad taste”. But in our opinion, there are no bad and good tastes – there are different tastes.

We focus on simple solutions

Renovation, painting…? Sound a little intimidating? It's true: some ideas can initially intimidate and create the impression as if they require a staff of specialists or several weeks of vacation. That's why we focus on simple, practical and quick solutions. This means that all our products are not only impressive, but also easy to use – you can apply them yourself. We value accuracy, so we always clearly explain how to make the effect you want. No matter which of our products you choose, with each of them you will easily transform your home – just the way you want it.

We are ourselves

We are a Polish company with a European reach, and our passion is to create products that are easy to use. So that everyone can transform their interior on their own – the way they want. We care about the high quality of our products – we constantly control and confirm it in the best European Laboratories and Research Institutes.

We care about the environment

We know that protecting the environment is more important today than ever. That's why we are constantly working to make our products better and „greener”. You can already find BIO products in our offer, and eventually we want all of them to be created from natural ingredients. Currently, most of them are water-based and certified with the lowest VOC emissions: class A+. We feel ecologically responsible and try to contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources in various ways. We take the problem of smog seriously and reduce CO2 emissions on a daily basis. That's why we use solar energy when making our products, plant trees that reduce CO2 and produce oxygen, and use electric cars. That's not all, you can read more about our actions on this page. By choosing Jeger products, you are contributing to greater environmental protection.

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