Matt wall paint
from BIO-natural ingredients
of plant origin

Quality confirmed by certificates
USDA Certificate
Ecolabel Certificate
PTA Certificate
Eurofins Certificate
SGS Certificate
Healthy air in your child's room

Healthy air
in your child's

Jeger Baby Paint

We know how important
clean air is

Harmful substances inhaled with polluted air have a negative impact on everyone's health, and are especially bad for the health of young children. According to reports by the WHO (World Health Organization) and EEA (European Environment Agency), children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of polluted air and very susceptible to chemical agents.

That's why we created a high-quality, innovative paint with BIO-natural ingredients of plant origin, safe for health and the environment. Particularly recommended for rooms where there are children, moms-to-be and newborns.

Safe – for moms
Safe – for newborns
Safe – for children
Paint safe for health and environment

What does it mean that
Baby Paint is BIO?

It means that Baby Paint BIO is mainly based on high-quality resin made from the residue of natural plant-based ingredients such as seeds, tree bark, beans, corn residue and other agricultural waste.

We source all these ingredients according to the „zero waste” concept, using unused plant residues, which contributes to protecting and caring for our environment.

Paint from natural ingredients
Unique – safe for health

Safe for health and
the environment

Contains BIO-natural ingredients

Unique – ecological and non-toxic

non-toxic formula

Based on water and plant materials

Unique – cleans the air

Cleans the air

Absorbs harmful formaldehyde

Unique – with negligible smell

With negligible smell

Does not require long-term airing of rooms

Unique – hypoallergenic


Product recommended by PTA – Polish Society of Allergology

Jeger Baby Paint
Baby Paint is special

Why is
Baby Paint
so special?

We know what children can do :) That's why Baby Paint BIO
is so resistant paint

  • 1st class of resistance to washing and wet scrubbing (EN 13300)
  • Increased resistance to stains and dirt
  • Durable color and perfect coverage
  • Trace, close to 0% VOC content (less than 0.02%)
  • Resistant to bacterial proliferation in humid areas
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint
Baby Paint – resistant paint

Take care of your
children's health

Baby Paint BIO is an innovative paint made of BIO-natural plant-based ingredients, safe for health and the environment.

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